Sunday, November 13, 2016

Ugly Rack Style

We've all seen ugly clothes before.  Those unfortunate rejects that sit endlessly on the clearance rack. A fashion buyer's bet that didn't pay off and a harried retail manager trying to unload these useless rags onto any passing sucker at cost or less.  The only salvation at this point before writing off the wholesale stock forever as a business loss might be a talented fashion stylist or merchandiser.  If you think you have a knack for making  undesirable garments appealing to consumers you may have what it takes for one of those careers.  In the below video we introduce two Ugly Rack garments.  Use your imagination and talent.  How would you save them?  Find some of the items in our video series in the PetitPoix closet on Poshmark. When you download the Poshmark app and sign in from your mobile device use code GHYCD for a $5.00 credit.Visit the Fashion Careers page on this website to learn more about different careers you might consider in the fashion industry. 

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