Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sell, Buy and Trade Clothes on Poshmark

Enter Invite Code GHYCD for a $5.00 Credit
"Would you be willing to give me that haltertop for these two lipsticks?"  
"What if I throw in throw in a pair of zirconia stud earrings?" 
These are the types of trades you may have made with your friends back in the day.   Maybe you still deal in "closet stock" today.  Whether you are selling your own designs, vintage clothes, clothing you don't use or looking for great deals and trades to add more pizazz to your closet, Poshmark is the place to go. Find your niche or create your own to buy, sell or trade clothing, accessories, shoes and makeup. 

Poshmark is a venue. Each "shop" is run individually by each Poshmark member. Use all the same precautions as you would with any online business transaction. If you are going to use Poshmark to run your own clothing business remember to provide your customers with the best possible customer service.  You will be reviewed after each sale so do your best to keep your excellent reputation as a top-rated seller. Attend the Poshmark online parties where attendees share their items with the group.

A US$5.00 credit is offered only when Poshmark sellers or shoppers sign up through the fast, quick downloadable Poshmark App available on Google Play and ITunes App Store. Enter the invite code petitpoix to receive the credit. Then invite your friends and you receive $5.00 cash or credit once that friend makes their first purchase on Poshmark using the mobile app as well.   Find the Petitpoix closet on Poshmark by typing @PETITPOIX into the search once you sign up!

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