Sunday, December 13, 2015

Request is a First for a Black Model at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2015

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When Angolan born fashion model, Maria Borges proposed that the show's producers let her wear her natural afro on the runway of this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (VSFS) she was not sure how they would take her request. Miss Borges is the first black model ever to wear her natural hair on the Victoria's Secret runway.  The show has been held every year since 1995.

Viewers are enlivened when we first see Borges' eye-catching retro-modern look during the backstage hubub. She wears large hoop earrings, a tassle rope choker necklace and a beaded macrame fringe bolero shrug over white tiger print lingerie. She is utterly stunning; the all white garb striking against her smooth, glowing skin.  At 5 feet 11 inches tall and wearing 6-inch platforms she must lean forward slightly for a makeup artist to apply lip color just before she makes her historical breakout onto the runway to a fast-beat version of the Temptations song, "Ball of Confusion."
Walk on Sister, walk on.

In an interview for Essence Magazine she tells other black women who are considering going natural, “Be strong. If you say you’re beautiful without hair and makeup, then they will believe you. It’s about being confident and always being yourself.”

Maria Borges' home country of Angola is the seventh largest country in Africa and gained independence from Portugal in 1975.  The main languages spoken in Angola are Portuguese and Bantu. VSFS is an event awaited each year by millions of people in 192 countries. The 2015 show aired December 8 on CBS and drew over 6.5 million viewers as well as millions more on the internet in the days that followed. Visit for more Retro Modern Looks!
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