Friday, May 22, 2015

Muslim/American Fashion

Fashion Blogger and cultural commentator Winnie Détwa

Todays panel:
  • Reina Lewis, Artscom Centenary Professor of Cultural Studies at London College of Fashion
  • Asma T. Uddin, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of
  • Winnie Détwa (Nadia Azmy), fashion blogger and cultural commentator
  • Nyla Hashm and Fatima Monkush, Designers and cofounders, fashion brand Eva Khurshid New York (2009-11)

"Professor Reina Lewis brings her public talks series Faith & Fashion from London College of Fashion, UAL to New York to focus on the creativity and controversies that characterize Muslim fashion in America today. With a youthful and growing population, a new style vocabulary is emerging to express the multi-ethnic experiences of Muslim Americans across the generations. Often under the radar of fashion media, women mould new styles of turban from African prints, and create fusion fashion from their trips to the mall for their modest dressing needs."

With all this innovation, and with the global market for Muslim modest fashion valued at $96 billion and a global Muslim spend on clothing set to reach $332 billion by 2018, why do so many Muslim women and men still feel under-served by the mainstream fashion industry? To discuss the ways in which Muslims in America are contributing to and influencing fashion in its broadest sense, from modest dressing to Islamic and ethnic fashion,

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