Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Things we Take for Granted

Are Women the Answer to Ending Poverty in Africa?
There is a very simple item that you can sew that will help women in third world countries complete their education. Without education women are much more vulnerable to abuse, rape, early-age maternity and poverty.  In the United States, there are many things we take for granted such as the right to go to school. In some parts of Africa however, gender barriers to education are very prevalent. While there are various complex sociopolitical, cultural and religious reasons for this, in many cases teenage girls in Africa drop out of school simply because they have reached adolescence and do not have access to disposable pads during their monthly cycle. See the Little Dresses for Africa website for more information on how you can sew to help these girls.

Also visit Nancy's Notions for other projects to consider for how you can create and sew to improve the quality of life for someone in need. Maybe you have a neighbor or family member that could use a little kindness as well.

Remember, it is NEVER OK to charge someone who is suffering such as a person undergoing chemotherapy, a parent with a sick child, a homebound senior citizen or someone with depression. If you do not have money to purchase supplies to assist someone in need then use your imagination to find other ways to obtain supplies. The Goodwill Store has inexpensive men's shirts or bedsheets for example which are often of very good quality fabric with beautiful textile designs. Also try church basement sales or asking for donations from friends.

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