Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Party Hair

What ever will you do with you hair for the holiday festivities?  From sleek, straight Asian to thick, natural African hair and anything in between the following dos will work. Add length if you choose with extensions or a homemade ¾ wig!  The final look will look very different on each head depending on your hair's texture and thickness.  Use styling gel, mousse or hairspray. Maybe even your usual hairdo will work for as a party hairstyle. Just add a few sparkles and you are ready to go! (Click on the YouTube logo beneath each video to make it larger.)

French Fishtail:                               Zipper:                                          Sculpt-Your-Own:

Bouffant:                                        Under-a-Minute styles:                   Short Hair Updo:

Make and install your own wig if you want length:

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