Thursday, August 25, 2011

Trade Off Your Designer Fashions

Dress by Elie Saab

What does a woman do when she is frantically trying to organize her overstuffed closet?  She opens a consignment shop. That is what Dottie Cassler did in 1973 when she started her small business Second Time Around . Today STA has grown to 24 stores located in the northeastern United States from Philadelphia, PA to Burlington, VT  and all the key cities in between. A crisis buster for Fashionistas giving them the chance to either earn cash on their designer label fashions or trade them in for credit towards other designer fashions in the store.  You can set up an appointment online and then offer your new or almost new clothing, shoes and accessories either in person or by parcel post.  Your wares must meet certain quality requirements and when accepted you will earn 40% on the price at which your items are sold. Petit Poix visited the Cambridge, MA store this week and gasped along with various returning Harvard coeds at the labels we discovered while browsing the racks on the first and second floors. "Gaultier!" squeaked one student.
"Vera Wang!" screeched her friend.

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