Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Create a Personal Makeup Palette at Inglot

How does a company not only survive but thrive in the fashion industry during an economic crisis?  Take a hint from Inglot Cosmetics:  intensive customer service and personalization. At the suggestion of one of Petit Poix's teenage readers, Alexandra, we discovered the Inglot Cosmetics Freedom System.  Inglot is a Polish company which has been in business for 25 years but only recently has caught on in the rest of the world.  Wojtek Inglot is the chemist turned entrepreneur who continues to develop new products, working with make up artists and color consultants to keep up with the latests trends.  Just launched is the world's only breathable nail enamel. At Inglot the customer can freely experiment with mix and match bases, eyeshadows, blushes, mascaras, nail enamels, liners, lipsticks and more to develop her own personal makeup palette, placing her choices in unique magnetic trays.  There is even a fake eyelash wall with dozens of different style eyelashes!  With 280 retail locations worldwide - more than 160 of them in Inglot's native Poland - only five retail stores are located in the U.S.A., four in Canada and 17 in Australia. Others are sparsely scattered throughout Europe and the Middle East and one location in Capetown, South Africa. What is Inglot's secret marketing plan?  Give the customer exactly what she wants.

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