Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Citrus Style

Citrus Style

Yellow and orange are underestimated in fashion. Citric colors are flattering to most skins and can be used year round. Lemon-yellow and orange-orange look especially striking against summer-bronzed skin.  Consider a bright maxi-dress with raffia wedge sandals this summer.  You can also compliment the rich changing colors of autumn, the warm rebirth of spring and add fire where warmth is needed in winter.  Add a touch of lime-green, grapefruit-pink or pomegranate to really wow them! There are gorgeous choices for citrus fashion year round. Make up tip: Orange tones in lipstick make teeth appear whiter. Do you have a citrus style you´d like us to see?  Send a picture and we´ll post it on Petit Poix!

Citrus Style by Petit Poix featuring yellow shoes

$106 -

Diane von Furstenberg low cut dress
$425 -

TopShop long yellow dress
$95 -

Diane von Furstenberg orange evening dress
328 GBP -

Merle O Grady ruched dress
$536 -

Dorothy Perkins yellow evening dress
45 GBP -

$69 -

Michael Kors espadrille shoes
$727 -

Suede heels
$140 -

ALDO high heel sandals
$70 -

Dorothy Perkins yellow shoes
42 GBP -

Paloma Barceló platform wedge heels
$270 -

Diane von Furstenberg suede sandals
$280 -

Kelsi Dagger summer sandals
$100 -

Yellow sandals
$50 -

Esther Perbandt clutch bag
338 EUR -

Printed bag
$22 -

Dorothy Perkins orange bracelet
13 GBP -

Sylvia Yellow - arrivals

ASOS orange hat
25 GBP -

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