Saturday, May 7, 2011

Digidoo Style

Digidoo´s original "Glasshawk."  He has worn other "headstyles" since.
Today Petit Poix was going to publish a story about an unknown talent that I thought I had discovered. As  it turns out though Digidoo, a.k.a. the "King of Poppin," is neither unknown nor underdiscovered. Apparently I've been living under a rock. Even so, I would like to mention this talented young man today, not for his unique shaking, popping dance or his crunk style sound, nor for his incredible singing voice.  While I am tempted to digress into the historical and spiritual significance of his hometown, Montgomery, Alabama; where in 1955 a petit, softspoken Rosa Parks silently confronted  the "white power establishment" in arguably the most racist state in the nation at that time, catapulting the civil rights movement into full force; today's blog is going to discuss Digidoo's hairstyle, or should I say his everchanging "headstyle"?  As you view various photos and videos of Digidoo over the past few years you will see some incredible works, including combinations of mosaic glass pieces with cornrows, images and cut-out designs.  Digidoo combines elements of art, architecture and engineering crossing them over into fashion and style. His resourceful creativity reminds me of one of nature´s greatest  designers, the decorator crab.  These crabs will glue anything to their top including: anemones, seaweed, algea, sponges, shells and even sea urchins!  Maybe Digidoo and some decorator crabs should get together on a collaborative project.  Publicity stunt?  Perhaps.  But it is Digidoo's talent that keeps him in the game.  Here is his first big hit the "Bama Step" launched in 2007 (before he started gluing things to his head) and some other songs.. "Hey Uncle Digi, can you teach me how to do the ´bama step?"  Check out his Facebook page. .

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