Monday, March 14, 2011

"I love fashion. I just don´t like the way it´s presented."

This is a quotation by Wendy Hicks artist/photographer. I wish I had thought of such a poignant thing to say. Fashion is an industry that is full of creativity, fun, excitement, beauty as well as a wonderful platform for psychological, sociological and anthropological observation throughout the world and throughout history. But we can do our part to make the industry better by being ethical designers.

Hear Wendy´s podcast at the "Endangered Species" conference that took place in London. In her work "Fashioning Inspirations" she took average people and airbrushed them to look like they would in a fashion advertisement.

Here is an article in newspaper from her hometown of Suffolk England  East Anglian Daily Times;  Fashion´s Altered Images.  And her Fashioning Inspirations exhibit.

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