Sunday, November 21, 2010

Which Shoes and Bag would you choose?

A drapey t-shirt and a pencil skirt. Two items you are NOW able to design if you are up-to-date on all my beginner and advanced beginner clothing design videos.  A quick office outfit. Give this outfit your own personal style by choosing a pair of sandals and a handbag to go with it.  Just drag and drop from the choices below the work area.  Then click "publish" to save it into my gallery!  Click on "gallery" to see what other combos viewers have come up with.  Don´t like the choices here? Sign up for an account on and make your own outfits and minieditors to discuss and compare fashion choices with your friends! Just for fun though. Use my mini-editor and let me see what kind of fashionistas are following my blog. I personally would dare to mix the coral t-shirt with lavender sandals and handbag. Coral and Lavender can "blend" to give and interesting look. My next post will discuss color theory. Knowing the basics of color theory and the psychological effects that combining different colors has on people is something that gives a designer edge on the competition.

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