Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fashion Design Video Workshop

Shingo Sato is a designer and professor at the Milan Politecnic´s Fashion and Textile Design department. His Transformation and the Reconstruction style of patternmaking is perhaps not something you are ready to tackle yet. Or maybe it is! Shingo Sato describes his technique as differing significantly from the conventional pattern theory. It is creative and specificlly innovative for fashion designers. I would add that the technique seems to be quite intuitive and organic as opposed to the strict mathematical +1/-1 patternmaking system I have been teaching in my AB series on Fettuccinetube. Shingo Sato´s workshop videos are upoloaded onto youtube for you to see how far you can take designing from a basic bodice or basic skirt.

Do not feel discouraged by seeing such advanced work, on the contrary. Even if you feel the subject matter is too complicated for you at this point, it should make you feel free to "stray" a bit from what you are "supposed to do". While it is important to have the basics of patternmaking knowledge in order to become a fashion designer, that does not mean that there is only ONE way to make a garment. Designers are constantly "breaking rules".

Here is one way he transforms a basic bodice. Notice he is using muslin fabric. Most designers will experiment with muslin fabric first to develop a design. Notice the thread he uses is not matching. That is so that he can see where the final seamlines will go. Notice the curvometer tool. Don´t try to understand the whole video and what exactly he is doing, just take in what you can. I am posting this merely to inspire you.

For the further information:

You could visit Shingo Sato´s website or see all his workshop videos on Youtube at the TRPattern channel.

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