Monday, October 25, 2010

The Importance of Darts

Now that we have learned a bit about darts and the slash and spread method of transfering them from one place to another. You can begin experimenting and rotating them around on your own! There will be future videos on Fettuccinetube with tutorials on dart transfers; but don´t wait for me to get around to uploading them. Forge ahead on your own if you feel like!  There is wonderful free information on the internet on this topic.  Here is a series of short explanations on the different dart configurations that give some great insight.  Fashion Dart Variations by Laurel Armstrong

The main concept in creating dart variations is to transfer or convert them. What you remove from one part of the garment needs to be made up for in another part. You can divide one dart into two little ones for example or you can lump two darts together into one, convert a dart into a seam etc... Newspaper is my favorite paper to use for experimenting and creating new designs.

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