Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Transfer of Darts in Patternmaking

Lesson number 3 in the Advanced Beginners series on Fettuccinetube will be a demonstration of various dart rotations that can be made to the basic bodice pattern in order to achieve different designs.  Meanwhile those interested in getting a head start can look up information on this topic.  And of course there are hundreds of new and used books about couture design on Amazon .

 Here are a few I thought looked quite good. I actually already have the High Fashion Sewing Secrets book. That is an excellent book for people who already have introduction into drafting patterns and transfering darts and seams.  And explains many finishing treatments that the famous designers use as well as a bit of insight into the fashion  industry itself.  Quotes made by famous designers in the past regarding fashion and Claire Schaffer gives some of her secrets and tips in little sections throughout the book based on her long history working with famous designers since the 1950s. The other book, How to Make Sewing Patterns is written by Don McCunn who also has clothing design tutorials on YouTube.

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