Friday, September 3, 2010

How to make a T-Shirt the REAL way Patternmaking Tutorial

Those of you who have been following my patternmaking and sewing tutorials on YouTube must have figured out by now that up I have been showing you "cheaters" clothing design techniques.  Now it´s time for a REAL basic tutorial on how to make a T-Shirt.  It involves measuring, darts and a lot more dedication but you will get clothes that fit much better.  Stay tuned for the first video in my new series on Fettuccinetube, "Patternmaking for Advanced Beginners".  The first video "How to Make a Basic Bodice" will be uploaded in a few days.  The bodice is the most basic garment from which all other tops are derived.  Meanwhile have a look at  "How to Take Measurements" in preparation for the new advanced beginner series.

Along with the series I will be posting diagrams of the patterns with step-by-step instructions here on my blog.  Please don´t miss future videos in the series!  Subscribe!

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