Friday, September 3, 2010

Basic Bodice

"Clik" para Español  See the Written Instructions and accompanying Video "How to Make a Basic Bodice".   As usual, I will conduct the lesson using the metric system.  If you do not have access to a metric tape measure please order one from the Petit Poix shop 
See  "how-to" videos:

The bodice is the most basic pattern for any top, and converting a bodice pattern into anything else; be it a t-shirt, a blouse, even a dress; entails some simple letting out or rotation of the darts.  More about this will be explained in the video.  In the meantime here is the accompanying information if one cares to review it beforehand.  Another suggestion, get familiar with How to Take Measurements and if  you are so inclined write up a list of your measurements, this will be necessary when you draft your basic bodice pattern.

Written Instructions



    Uma Mageswari Preve said...

    Thank you so much for this. I think this pattern drafting method is like the book from Helen Armstrong ' Pattern making for fashion'. I was so confused with the instructions as it was in inches. Now your instructions has given me a better pictures. I am looking forward to more of your videos! Thank you very much.

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    m164 said...

    thanks for making this lesson ... i was searching about this for along time becouse i can,t go to collages ... i want from you please to make videos showing how to make defferent designs from this pattern and how to sew them ... also please try to make videos about mans bodice pattern ... you are very helpful and make sewing easy for me ... thank you alot and please keep going