Friday, August 27, 2010

Inspiring Modern Looks by Looking Back.

2000 Flapper Inspired Dress
1920s Flapper Dress
I just found a website today, mentioned in a New York Times article.  A lady who sells vintage and "reworked" vintage clothing on her own website.   I was particularly drawn to the vintage pieces.  While the articles in this webshop are one of a kind vintage clothing, some of it dating back as far as the 1920s,  I couldn´t help but become inspired to want to imitate some of these retro looks.  Here is where a designer must be careful.  It is important to know fashion history and know the work of other designers.  It is also OK to be inspired to create based on elements seen in clothing created by others.  But there is dangerous territory between being inspired and outright copying, especially when one is making more than just a basic pant or T shirt.  Even so.  Have a look at the website to be inspired by clothing from generations past.  You can do a search by era.
1980s Herve Leger
1950s Wiggle Dress

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