Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Knitting Lesson 4 Uploaded and more Sewing Tutorials Planned for August!

I have just uploaded my Knitting Tutorial 4 for beginner knitters.    "How to Knit a Cozy Wrap Sweater".  The video starts out with step by step instructions but by around 5 minutes in I realized it needed some excitment!  So I added some!  Let me know what you think!  I also must  finish Part 2 of "How to Make a Basic Skirt" which is way overdue.  Then I will do 2 advanced beginner videos "How to Make a T-Shirt"  (The "REAL" way) and How to make Pants (The "REAL" way).  These will be more in-depth explanations about patternmaking.  While the beginner lessons are useful for making "wearable" clothes, I feel I owe it to my viewers, at this point; to challenge their patternmaking skills and take them to the "next level".

I have decided to leave my studies at the University Siglo 21. However I encourage any of my viewers or followers to contact me or to go directly to the Siglo 21 website to inquire about the degree in Clothing and Textile Design offered there.  I am in my 40s and have a big family to care for.  I find that the demands of finishing my degree are too much.  I feel that the courses I took there have helped me enormously, especially the marketing and consumer behavior classes.  The Siglo 21 prepares the designer for the real world, the market that they will eventually be competing in, how to find their target market and decide which area of the fashion industry they are interested in  pursuing.  Be it a fashion editor, a fashion buyer, a designer for a big name or starting your own line, a wardrobe manager for a movie set and so many other possibilities.  I fully recommend the school and the curriculum.  You must be able to speak Spanish fluently of course, since the school is in Cordoba Argentina.  However you would be getting a University degree at a fraction of the cost of what it costs in the U.S.A. or Europe.

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AYYYYY; por favor Fabiana, que soy una argentina viviendo en Canarias-España- pero por favor cómo no pones el blog en castellano, desesperadas las que tenemos que tragarnos tooodo en inglés, se pierde un montón así, por fa castellano, que somos muchos también