Thursday, April 8, 2010

Draft a Basic Skirt Pattern

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Video      Written Instructions
 See the written instructions and diagram on how to draw a basic skirt pattern. From this one pattern you can make the modifications to make practically any other type of skirt and adjusted to perfectly fit your own unique bumps and curves. See my Skirt Pattern Tutorial Video on Fettuccinetube .


    Nineteen Zero Six said...

    Thanks for a great tutorial! I make all my own patterns already but found your instructions really easy to understand and straight forward. I shall be directing my friends to it.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi. I'm from France and I just discovered your blog and YouTube tutorials. I love how you do all this. Thank you so much.

    PetitPoix said...

    Bon jour! Merci beacoup! France is the fashion capital of the world! I am honored that you have visited my blog. Excuse my spelling. I later learned that "Petit Poix" is not correct. I hope to post more videos on youtube soon. I have had a busy few months and have not been able to make videos. Thank you for your encouragement!

    Melody said...

    This is great! I'll definitely have to come back and try this!

    ~prose said...

    I wanted to thank you for your delightful videos on YouTube, your blog and your sewing instructions. In one of your videos, you were wearing exactly the shirt I would like to make for was v-neck shirt gathered beneath the bust with short sleeves. I know you must have designed it yourself! Anyhow, keep those videos coming. I love your style. -patricia