Saturday, October 3, 2009

I can´t figure out the magic fabric recipe.

I decided to do another experiment to get down the "magic fabric" recipe.  I can´t do it!  I stewed cotton fabric for hours yesterday in different combinations of tomatoes, wine and paprika and salt.  A few with vinegar.  These are all ingredients I remembered using that day but I can´t repeat the discovery!  I don´t know what I did the first time!  I think maybe I used some sort of premixed spices called "rice seasoning" too at one point.  Probably they had saffron.  But saffron is expensive, do I want to risk the investment for the sake of science?  I don´t even know where to begin a search on google for a magic fabric recipe.  I already tried "magic fabric" but that didn´t work.

The wine one sort of worked, but maybe I used a different brand of wine that day?  All I remember was that it was a red wine.  I don´t remember if it was merlot or cabernet.  I don´t even remember what brand it was.  But this time the fabric came out a sort of boring drab color, then when I washed it it turned grey.  The first time it was a beautiful deep, almost black after I washed it and then with each wash it turned sky blue.  Then it turned yellowy orange when I put vineagar on it and turned back to sky blue when I washed it in soap.

The tomato one just turned orange and when I washed it, it turned lighter orange.  About half an hour into my paprika, tomato, vineagar and wine mix my stepkids came home from school with varying comments about what smelled.  "Is THAT what we´re eating for dinner!?" "What stinks?"  "What the hell are you doing?" Surprisingly one of them actually said, "Mmmm what´s cooking? That smells good."  Then my husband "Do you know how many hours I have to drive in my taxicab to pay for your mad experiments?"

I did not do very well in high school chemistry, but I remember that in the labs they taught us to keep track of our experimental procedures in the labs and to use a control?  I am sick of tomatoes and wine.  I don´t even want to look at a plate of spaghetti for a few weeks.

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