Thursday, August 20, 2009

My first week of classes.

I just finished my first three days of classes at the University and I feel so refreshed. It has been several months since my brain has felt active and challenged. My favorite class so far is Egonomics I think. It is the study of the human and his workplace surroundings. This can apply to his work tools, for example as in factory workers who perform repetitive movements throughout the day, as well as the safety of his work environment, his comfort level and many other aspects. The design or redesign of particular elements will benefit the worker. Ergonomic principles are used to develop higher productivity in employees. It is much more complicated than that of course but that is the gist of what I got from the first class. Clothing designers need to understand ergonomics not only for the eventuality that they will perhaps have a production line of garments someday, thus a factory full of workers. They also need to understand it so that the clothes they design will be comfortable to the wearer. There is a scientific system of measuring the human body, anthropometrics and the proportions and range of mobility of the human body change with age. The science of ergonomics was developed with the well being of the worker in mind (around WWI, when factory workers making military products developed debilitating conditions due to repetitive movements of their labor). Our first project will be to visit a clothing factory and do a report on the ergonomics of the workplace. I have also taken the Consumer Behavior class where we had to analyze some techniques used in advertising to consumers. The Stamping and Dying class was a color theory class. A little confusing since the primary colors in sustractive and additive colors are not what I learned in Kindergarten. I kind of don´t quite get it yet. I have a lot of reading to do!

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