Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Be a Part of the First Annual Fettuccinetube Fashion Show!

This is an invitation to all of my viewers on my YouTube channel Fettuccinetube to take part in my 1st "Fettuccinetube Annual Fashion Show". Simply send a 10 to 20 second video of yourself (or a friend) modeling one of your own creations. I will create a montage of all the videos and set it to some hip music. If you already are a member of YouTube you can simply respond to my latest video with your video clip. Otherwise send the video clip to me at my email address: fabianna@msn.com (be careful when spelling "fabianna", there are TWO "n"s).

1. If you don´t know how to sew yet then there is still time! The deadline to get your videos in is October 31st, 2009. Enough time to watch my tutorial videos and time leftover to create your entry! This is NOT a contest. Your creaton will be shown regardless of you level of expertise.

2. In the interest of keeping the video to under 10 minutes, please limit your entry to ONE video per designer. You MAY model several creations in the one clip.

3. Make sure your creation stands out from the items that are NOT made by you. For example if you make a blouse, pair it with a plain, basic, unassuming pair of pants. If you make a pant, use a plain, blouse or t-shirt so that it does not detract from YOUR item.

4. In my video fashion show, you will be given full credit for your design. Please include your name when you send your video, either said verbally in the video itself, or in an email along with your video. If I don´t receive your name I will use your YouTube Channel name or your email address in the credits.

5. If you have an Etsy Shop or other shop on the internet please include that. I will post the name of your shop as well. However, in the interest of keeping the final montage video streamlined DO NOT post your own text into your video clip.

6. Please merely film your model walking to the camera twirling around and walking away. You may use any style of walk you would like based on the "message" your creation is trying to send.

7. For now the creations are limited only to SEWN creations, however, if response is low I will open up the requests for knit and crochet items as well. Jewelry will be considered ONLY as an accessory to one of the clothing designs. Not as a main item.

8. Please do not be intimidated if you see exquisitely made items in my video response section. I have advertised the Fettuccinetube Fashion Show on other sewing sites and craft sites so there may be some entries by professional designers as well. If there are extreme differences as far as level of expertise in the entries I will probably do a Part 1 for beginners and a part 2 for more advanced sewers. You will not look "bad".

9. My intention is to leave the "comments" section open for the Fashion Show. Unfortunately that will also leave the participants open to the "YouTube Hecklers". I will, of course monitor the comments as closely as I can to try to keep them under control, however, please be prepared for mean comments just in case. It is practice for when you get into the sometimes cruel fashion industry, where a 5´10, 120 pound model is SOMETIMES considered "too fat".

10. If you yourself are one of the "YouTube Hecklers" please refrain from nasty comments at the show. Constructive criticism will not be frowned upon, but comments about anything OTHER than the clothing, such as weight, race, physical attractiveness, physical or mental challenges, gender identification or the like will NOT be tolerated.

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