Friday, January 11, 2008

I need shopping lists.

Have you ever gone to the supermarket and found someone's thrown-out shopping list in your cart? I need that list! I have had an idea for a long time. I would like to decoupage my old kitchen table with shopping lists from around the world and in different languages. I would like them to be legitimate anonymous shopping lists, not ones written up just for this purpose. Please collect these for me and mail them regular mail to me. In return I can send you a crochet applique or maybe a discount in my shop. I am thinking I can send one crochet flower per list or something like that and with a maximum of say, 15 crochet flowers per person. I would love lists from anywhere. Perhaps if you live in the San Francisco area for example you may find asian shopping lists, or combined language lists. In Florida you might find them in Spanish and Creole. Of course I also want English language lists and lists from exotic far off places like Africa, Asia ... anywhere! I may then decide to sell the table if it comes out nicely. I should let people know this because their shopping list contributions will only be paid in kind with a crochet flower per list up to 15 lists per person. If you have lists to send me let me know and I will email you my address separately. My husband still has to bring me the digital camera so that I can publish a picture of the table as it is right now and then you can follow the project as it goes. Meanwhile if you are someone who is as intrigued with abandoned shopping lists as I am there is a guy who has collected THOUSANDS over several years. Visit his site . I wonder if it would be copyright infringement to print out some of his lists to use in my project?

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