Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The dress is finished and sent! Whew! I learned a lot from this sale although I didn't make any money; I had underestimated the shipping costs. For the next time I will know. But the experience has been very valuable and the customer was very patient and understanding so from her I was also able to gain feedback and advice that is priceless. I am also proud of the product I produced. But now in hindsight I realize that I should have added more flowers around the waist. I didn't get the chance to actually try the dress on my newborn niece because every time I went to my cousin Graciela's house the baby was sleeping. And I went over about six different times! I cannot believe how lazy my newborn niece is. She is almost two weeks old and all she has ever done is sleep! Hopefully the customer will give me honest and constructive feedback. I cringe and at the same time welcome any criticism, again of course if it is constructive.