Monday, December 10, 2007

Bad judgement

You can tell I haven't much experience with newborns nor with crochet. I have the points and knitting part down pat. I still have to figure out the part where you can make the knit whatever size you choose. You really have to be mathematical and know beforehand with how many points to start the initial chain with. I thought I had calculated correctly but just to be sure I went to my cousin Graciela's house to try the sundress on her baby. It doesn't fit. It is too small. And even a smaller than average newborn would outgrow it in a week! I am desperate because the buyer has already paid. I decided to email the buyer and tell her the truth. That I misjudged the size and if she would be patient for a few days I will make another one but in a larger size. I have not received a response. Maybe that is good. In the meantime I am working on a new dress. This one will actually probably be better quality than the first one for various reasons so if the buyer doesn't mind the delay I think she will be happy with her purchase. No time for pictures today, I have got to get to work.

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