Thursday, December 13, 2007

Almost Done

I got cracking on the new dress in these past three days. I started with the same pattern as I used for the first dress but this time it came out completely different than the magazine depicted (as did the first dress). I have no discipline in following patterns. I start out following the pattern and then my "prendas" go off on a completely different tangent. Sometimes it is by choice, sometimes it is by not completely understanding the instructions, sometimes it is because I ran out of yarn and am unable to find one at the yarn store that exactly matches. Usually it because of not understanding the instructions I make choices in order to remedy the mistakes in sizing, combined with not knowing how much yarn I need to start out with. Add to that the tendency of my pieces to start curving around in a circle. They end up looking very pretty I think but I really need to learn to control the crochet, not always allowing the crochet to control ME. There is a lady in my neighborhood who teaches knitting and crochet. I have started to go so that I can improve and get some discipline in my work. I will be sending this product out by Monday. I want to add more length to the skirt (I ran out of pink yarn and added white, which is fine since the inspiration is neopolitan ice cream). Also I will add adjustuble removable straps to the top. This way it can be adjusted to different baby sizes.

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